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Proactive Client Communication

Communication is the key to any relationship, and we enjoy connecting with our clients regularly. 

About Us

Our goal is to help keep your money from becoming theIRS.

Kamish & Associates CPA Firm is a boutique certified public accounting firm dedicated to helping small businesses and entrepreneurs grow and manage their businesses. We love to see our clients achieve their business, financial, and personal goals.

We understand that no two clients are the same, which is why we create a tailored accounting strategy for each of our clients. We provide a variety of accounting, tax preparation, and tax planning solutions to our individual, small business, and entrepreneur clients.

Kamish & Associates CPA Firm is an entrepreneur and small business, just like you, so we understand what it’s like to manage and grow a small business. Whether you are a doctor, dentist, attorney, realtor, insurance agent, chiropractor, retail or restaurant owner, or something in between, we’ve got your back with all your accounting and tax needs. We are part of your support system and can help mentor you to make smart accounting and tax decisions.


We are ready to become a part of your trusted business support system and provide advice to help you go from progressing to prospering.

Tax Services

Business Services

Quickbooks Services


“A friend told me to contact Zach before opening my small business. Zach not only gave me sound advice on the tax implications of the different business entities based on my personal financial picture, but he also remained accessible throughout the year to guide me through my first year as a business owner. His knowledge, quick response to inquiries, and supportive attitude were invaluable to me and my business. Every new business could use a Zach. He's the BEST!” 



—  Angela Tormey, Ally Legal P.A. Law Firm

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