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Business Services

Helping You Manage Your Business

We help keep our client's businesses in good overall financial health. 
We provide exceptional services to all of our small business owners:


As a small business owner, keeping your books updated is a constant battle because you have more important things on your plate. We can help by taking care of your books for you so that you can focus on keeping your business thriving and taking care of your customers. We keep your books updated monthly or quarterly with all of your business transactions.  We use QuickBooks desktop or QuickBooks Online, and send out management statements once we have finished updating your books.


Compiled Financial Statements

We can prepare management statements for your business, or take your QuickBooks records and prepare compiled financial statements so you can provide them to third-parties.  For example, if you need a business loan, you can share the compiled financial statement we create for you to provide to a bank. However, we do not audit or review the amount provided, which means it does not provide any assurances regarding the validity of the amounts.



Hiring employees to help keep your business running is essential to business growth and expansion. The time business owners spend managing payroll takes away from the time that should be spent generating new business ideas, improving products, and assisting customers. As a busy business owner, preparing payroll is one of the easiest things to accidentally make a mistake and can cause future issues. We help take the headache away by managing payroll administration for you. We offer a variety of payroll options for our clients that meet their needs and allows them to focus on their business.


New Business Formation

As a small business owner, it can be confusing which form of entity you should choose to structure your business. Depending on the entity type (e.g. "S" corporation, sole proprietor, limited liability company) will have an impact on your taxes. Our job is to evaluate your options that will best suit your business needs and be the best fit for your taxes. We do not provide legal advice; we consult on how each entity structure could affect your taxes.


State Sales Tax & Re-employment Tax Audit Representation

Many clients are responsible for collecting and submitting state sales tax and re-employment tax. We help your company compile information during an audit review, and provide you support during the audit process. 

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